Ofrecer un tratamiento óptimo adaptado a los pacientes

Stellar Series B2B   Known for its versatility, Stellar covers ventilation for a wide range of patients with sensitivity to their individual needs. Para ayudar en la configuración del paciente, los ajustes predeterminados clínicos y los modos comunes están preestablecidos para varias categorías de enfermedades, y todos pueden ajustarse con precisión y optimizarse fácilmente para cada persona. Equipado con IntelligentAir, el Stellar también incluye un modo automático de presión de soporte con volumen garantizado para abordar mejor las necesidades respiratorias cambiantes y la progresión de la enfermedad de los pacientes.

Facilitar un tratamiento óptimo adaptado a los pacientes mediante:

  • Integrated oxygen: up to 30 L/min and high pressure delivery: up to 40 cm H2O at the mask
  • Extensive alarms: including FiO2 and SpO2 to provide added assurance for patient safety and care
  • Paediatric use: approved for use by children weighing down to as little as 13 kg
  • Humidification: heated humidification with H4i™ or HumiCare™ D900 to promote comfort
  • Dual programs: set and save up to two programs for day/night ventilation or rest/active periods
  • Personalised efficacy and comfort: various features allow you to easily fine-tune settings to suit your patients’ needs:
    • Vsync and TiControl: proven ResMed technologies for leak compensation and inspiratory management for excellence in NIV
    • Ramp and ramp down: gradually increases and decreases the pressure support delivered to help ease your patients into and out of therapy sessions
    • 5 Trigger: trigger and cycle sensitivity levels can be fine-tuned according to your patient’s given condition
    • Rise and fall times: transition times between inspiratory and expiratory pressures can be adjusted to suit your patient’s inspiratory and expiratory needs